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Official England 2016/2017 Home Classic Jersey from Canterbury.

The classic white color of England's National Rugby Team is one of the cleanest and most iconic looks in the rugby world. Printed on a chest inside a rectangular patch with embroidered borders is a 3D Silicone red rose badge. This patch pays homage to England's very first kit, which feature an applied patch of the English Rose to the kit.

The classic kit's primary draw is it's cotton/poly combination and it's retro collar.

The interior of the collar features a red trimming with the words "England" and "Connected" divided by a St George's Cross. The upper torso and back both feature embossed bubbles which form a pattern in the shape of the world famous cross from the England flag once again.

Composed of a cotton and polyester material, Canterbury's Vapodri technology is at work in this kit to wick moisture away from the skin and keep it's wearer cooler, drier, and more refreshed.
  • ModelYear: 2017