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The cutting edge in pass development, the ShadowBall is a new innovation that guarantees improved passing performance. With it's flattened edge, the ShadowBall is engineered to rebound and spin back when the flat edge is thrown or passed against a wall.

The ShadowBall's five panels are durable, and hand-stitched using the same process as a standard shape ball. The ShadowBall is made to official size and weight specifications as the standard size ball.

The ShadowBall enables players of all ages and levels to perfect passing, catching, and throwing skills and techniques in their own time, unsupervised, at their own individual performance pace, and independently of a training partner.

The ShadowBall is ideal for perfecting both left & right hand passing & catching, practicing lineout throws, improve ambidextrous spin passing ability, and develop stronger, longer, and more accurate passing!

The ShadowBall is equivalent to a size 5 rugby ball in size, weight, and balance.

  • Practice makes perfect! Frequent repetition of movement helps build a repeatable pattern and therefore developing technique.
  • With high repetitions and use of an accuracy target you will get instant feedback on what impact changes to your foot stance, hand grip, elbow and shoulder positions have on the direction of the ball.
  • Drills & Games helps build passing muscle and distance by enabling you to do way more repetitions in a session than you could with a normal rugby ball.

  • ModelYear: 2014