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  • Scrum caps are a great way to help alleviate some of the nicks and abrasions that come with playing any contact sport. Scrum caps are comfortable and the extra padding on the head provides a great protective barrier for the head, scalp and ears. The caps are also helpful for preventing cauliflower ear from rucking and scrumming. Orders shipping outside the U.S. are subject to customs fees.

    • Trust Canterbury of New Zealand to give you superior protection while playing your toughest matches.
    • Using newly developed, softer closed-cell foam, this is lighter than any other CCC headguard. The Airflow padding has been uniquely cut to provide maximum protection to the temple regions.
    • This headguard still retains the cooling system featured on the Ventilator Headguard which enables it to cool 10% more efficiently.
    • Softened chinstrap for maximum comfort, anti- microbial treatment and poly-cotton liner with moisture management.