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  • Official Maori All Blacks 17/18 Home Rugby Jersey from Adidas

    Designed by New Zealand Rugby Kaumātua Luke Crawford, and renowned Māori artist Dave Burke, the jersey pays the ultimate homage to well-respected leader of the Te Arawa people, Mita Hikairo Mohi. Every element of the design has been carefully thought through, both in its spiritual meaning, relevance and placement on the jersey. The front of the jersey displays the warriors stance, designed to be an intimidating element for opponents. The four-eyed head of the 'taiaha' on the back of the jersey is said to offer spiritual protection to the players, providing a watchful eye over the wearer at all times. The elaborately decorated handles of the spear shaped fighting clubs on both sides of the jersey pay tribute to Mita Mohi’s dedication to the traditional Māori fighting art of mau taiaha.

    100% Polyester