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Pick and Go Customization Information

Stock Customization

We stand ready to customize your uniforms, warm-ups, bags and more with logos, names and numbers. Just follow the simple steps below and remember, our Team Specialists are ready to help you create an appropriate look that fits both your team’s style and budget. Call us at 1-877-776-7651 M-F 8am-midnight EST, Sat 8am-6pm EST or Sun 12pm-8pm EST.

Step 1: Pick Your Team's Kit
We recommend you have alternate choices approved and ready. It’s always good to have a back-up plan. You can save time and ensure your kits are ready long before your team takes the field. Some items may need to be special ordered directly from the manufacturer and require extra shipping time.

Step 2: Gather Order Info
Gather name and number information for all the players on your team. Have a copy of your team’s logo ready or pick one of our logos.

Step 3: Logo & Number Setup
Once you know what and how many items you need, numbers and the desired logo it is time to choose your logo and number style and application type.
If you need some help with your team logo check out our WRS Classic Badges as a good starting place for your design.
Next to each method listed below you will find a process description and info on which process can be used with which logos/numbers.

Description: Ink is printed directly onto the fabric of the item. Usage: Can be used for classic or custom logos. It can be used for pocket or full size logos.

Heat Applied
Description: Ink is printed on vinyl, which is heat applied to the fabric of the item. Usage: Can be used for badge and custom logos, names and numbers.

Description: Threads are directly stitched onto the fabric of the jersey, warm-up or bag. Usage: Can be used for names or numbers, and WRS classic, badge and custom logos.

Step 4 (if you haven't already): Call a Team Sales Rep!
Once you have all your choices in line or just as soon as you want to talk with a friendly Team Sales Representative, give us a call at 1-877-776-7651 or email us at

General Order Information

Customized product may not be returned unless defective. Be sure to verify any sizing, number selection and spelling prior to submitting a customization order.

Please confirm each player's appropriate size prior to ordering customized items. Be especially mindful of youth versus adult and male versus female sizing differences.

Certain color shades will not be identical matches, especially when comparing unique applications (heat-pressed vinyl versus silk-screened ink). That also applies to the matching of product and customization shades.

WRS's in-house customization teams are committed to quality and accuracy. While it is important to recognize that the processes utilized by our staff involve interpretation and creativity, your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any questions or concerns about the results of a customized order, please contact a team sales representative at 1-877-776-7651.

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Customization Pricing

WRS's Classic Logos
Screen printed are $3.00 for a single color for pocket size (approx 4" width) and full size (approx 8" width)and $2 extra for each additional color.
Embroidered classic logos are $6.00 for pocket size (approx 4" width) and $12.00 for full size (approx 8" width).
A $10.00 fee, per color will be charged to any order containing less than eight pieces requesting a screen printed logo. You may choose from the logo page for some in-stock options.

WRS Badge Logos
Heat applied badges are $3.00 for pocket size (approx 2.5" x 3.5") and $8.00 for full size (approx 8" width).
Embroidered badge logos are $8.00 for pocket size (approx 2.5" x 3.5") and $16.00 for full size (approx 8" width).

Custom Logos
Custom Logos should be submitted electronically in .ai, .psd, .jpeg, .eps or .gif format. Submission should also include color designations, logo dimensions and location. Allow two to four business days for custom logo design and approval process.
Logo pricing will depend on method of application. Custom logo design fees start at $25.00 for heat-press or screen and $75.00 for embroidery. Design fees may vary based on intricacy and detail of image.

Uniform Number Pricing

Heat Applied Numbers

  • 4", 8", or 10" height
  • $2.75 for one color
  • $4.50 for two colors
  • Adidas 08' numbers are $4.50
  • Pro-Flock numbers are $5.50

Tackle Twill Numbers
  • 4" or 8" height
  • $6.00 for one color
  • $10.00 for two colors

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