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miraclefeet Socks (Purple)

miraclefeet Socks (Purple)
miraclefeet Socks (Purple)
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All of the proceeds of this cool miraclefeet sock goes directly to helping children born with clubfoot. With every 25 pairs of socks sold a child with clubfoot is cured. Help us treat children born with clubfoot in developing countries, changing their lives forever. Without treatment, these children would never walk properly, greatly increasing their chances of maltreatment and poverty. Sock has knit-in miraclefeet logo. Buy your pair today and help spread the word! About Clubfoot: Clubfoot causes one or both feet to turn inward and downward and is one of the most common congenital birth defects in the world, impacting 1 in 750 children worldwide. It is also the leading cause of physical disability in developing countries, preventing both children and adults from going to school or being active members of their communities. About miraclefeet: miraclefeet is a North Carolina-based nonprofit dedicated to treating children with clubfoot in developing countries. miraclefeet works with local orthopedic surgeons and staff in public hospitals to establish and support clubfoot clinics.

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