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adidas Originals Indie Graphic Women's T-Shirt (Gray/Black)

adidas Originals Indie Graphic Women's T-Shirt (Gray/Black)
adidas Originals Indie Graphic Women's T-Shirt (Gray/Black)
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A brand with a distinctive old-school feel, adidas Originals is a collection of casual sports apparel and is adidas’ heritage line. The brand uses the iconic Trefoil logo, which first appeared in 1972. Inspired by adidas’ signature 3-Stripes, the flower shape with three stripes running through symbolizes the brand’s diversity. It was the corporate symbol until 1997, when the 3 Bars design was adopted. Today, pieces in the adidas Originals collection are based on fashion from the 1960s through the 1990s. From flat bill caps to graphic tees, and from track pants to crewneck sweats, the adidas Originals collection is made to be noticed.

adidas Originals LogoThis is an official adidas Originals product.


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